Hello, MoCo MeetUp

Hello, MoCo MeetUp

We hear certain phrases that sound great in the abstract but are only meaningful when they reflect events that actually happened. One of those phrases is, “we all need to come together.”  MoCo MeetUp (MoCo = Morgan County), a new organization built by young professionals, for young professionals, is a perfect example.  Watch for MoCo to redefine what it means to be a young professional in Morgan County.

MoCo is being built, from the ground up, by YPs.  The organization came into existence with the support of key organizations already advancing YP issues and causes, including Junior League of Morgan County and the Decatur Jaycees. MoCo has received guidance and encouragement from city and county entities that also prioritize YPs, such as The Chamber, DDRA, and EDA.  Getting quickly to work, young professionals representing these organizations and others began to collaborate to discuss how they could work together on behalf of YPs.  It has been fun to see these YPs focus on a common goal and translate it into real-life results.

In addition to a first website (www.MoCoMeetUp.com), the MoCo founding group has already planned a free kickoff event for July 28th.  If you’re a young professional, your new world now includes Downtown blocked off on a Friday night with knockerball, various carnival rides, food/drink specials, and LaMont Landers at The Princess (emerging music hot spot!) to close out the night.  Get ready for more events in the future that are geared toward activities YPs want, which apparently could include a human slingshot, all-day parties/events on the river, capture the flag and more.

Cam Newton, just before he destroyed someone in knockerball

The future of MoCo is bright. In the words of Chamber President and CEO John Seymour, “Young professionals get young professionals.” MoCo is an expression of that thought, allowing YPs a space to plan events they want, get to know each other, and collaborate on other causes.  In addition, over time MoCo will also satisfy those who want to be able to support and communicate with our YPs in a streamlined manner.  It is not hard to envision MoCo as an advocacy group down the road.

Supporting MoCo demonstrates that we value the presence of YPs in Decatur and want to help them build the lives they want – here. Yes, YPs are happy to volunteer at various events, but they need to be supported in a meaningful way so they know they have a say in our future and, moreover, a hand in building it.  So, welcome, MoCo. We’re glad to have you.








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